Dolmenwood | Session 3

Players: 5
Deaths: 0
Session Date: January 11, 2024
Next Session: January 18, 2024, 8:10 PM EST
In-Game Date & Weather: 29 Symswald, Night, Cold and Clammy Conditions


  • Disturbed sleep due to a rogue clockwork automaton attack; successfully defeated.
  • Investigated Klepp’s warehouse; found gold, assorted baubles, and important notes.
  • Left Blakeswell the next morning with a sealed letter for the Hall of Sleep from Sylvan Aster.
  • Took an older but faster route to Brackenwold.
  • Encountered a friendly scarecrow and noticed its absent perch in a nearby field.
  • Saw penitent monks but chose not to interact.
  • Reached Brackenwold and stayed at Drogue’s Chateau.

Key Events: Clockwork automaton attack, letter from Sylvan Aster, encounter with a scarecrow and monks, arrival in Brackenwold at dusk, lodging at Drogue’s Chateau, guild and church activities.


Full Share Retainers: 0
Half Share Retainers: 0
Retainer Wages Owed: 0


  • Treasure: 1340 GP
  • Monster XP: 40
  • Retainer Costs: 0
  • Group Total XP: 1380


  • 1000 Gold pieces.
  • Gems: 4 × 10 GP, 2 × 50 GP, 2 × 100 GP.
  • Detailed mechanical plans for the automaton, with magical insights.
  • Letter with specifications in Woldish, featuring an imp's face, signed LP - G.M.S.H.
  • Letter in an unknown runic language, not Sylvan.
  • Wax-sealed note from Aster Sylvan.