Dolmenwood | Session 7

Session 7: Blakeswell Mosscident

  • Date: February 15th, 2024 (in-game: 8 Harchment, 5:30 PM)
  • Players: 3
  • Deaths: 0
  • Next Session: February 22nd, 2024, 8:20 PM EST


  • Mission Accepted: Party agrees to recover notable persons and research for the Royal Institute of Physicks and Sorcerers, lured by a substantial reward. Some form of mossy disaster has overtaken the village.1
  • Blakeswell: In the afflicted village, they encounter the indifferent Aster and rescue Kerth Goodwine with two Magic Users.
  • Workshop Infiltration: After defeating a rooftop slime, they disable clockwork automatons in Klepp's workshop using a "remote control" rod and locate a safe. Does it contain Klepp's notes?

1 1,000 GP Klepp and Paronax's notes, each; 1,500 GP for recovery of Klepp and Paronax's persons; 4,000 GP bonus for a full recovery

Klepp's Workshop Particulars

  • Automatons Disabled: Clockwork guardians neutralized.
  • Safe Access: Party may attempt to crack the safe, they've dragged it from the workshop.

Financial Matters

  • Recurring Expenses:
    • Chateau Safe Room & Guard: 25 GP/month
    • Retainers & Travel: 5 GP/day
  • Retainer Wages: 29 GP owed

XP Update

  • Treasure: 0 GP
  • Monsters Defeated: 683 XP
  • Total XP: 683 XP


  • Acquired: Lightning Rod


  • Crom Gully (H)
  • Ginnie Lowder (H)
  • No Eyes Lambert (inexplicably has eyes) (H)
  • Barebones Benbow (F1, H)